About Us

Welcome to Glass House Carwash.  We are an automatic and self-service car wash located in Central Illinois only 8 blocks south of Peoria Chiefs Dozer Field.

We also have VIP Wash Cards (Usage Receipt Available)
3 Vacuum Islands available with Vacuum, Shampoo, and multiple fragrances

We do not charge extra for Vans, SUV’s, or Extended Cab Pickups (no ladder racks or dual rear wheels)
VISA and Mastercard Accepted

We also have drinking water at 35 cents per gallon. Bring your own 1,2, or 5 gallon container. We have a reverse osmosis purification system which allows us to provide you with better tasting and pure water. Vending supplies are also available.


Equipment Upgrades
We have recently upgraded our automatic bay wash equipment to
provide our customers with a better wash experience and a
consistently clean car.  After this upgrade there have been
some questions we would like to answer.

Q. Why don’t you spray chemical on
my vehicle at the entry machine before I enter the wash?

A. The machine now applies all the necessary
chemical before the wash. 
There was also a risk of spraying the chemical on vehicles, bug
shields, and mirrors, especially during the summer months. 
Sometimes the chemical would cause staining.

Q. Why don’t all my bugs come off?
A. The car wash will never remove 100% of the bugs
on a vehicle.  No car wash
will.  Although we do try to
remove as many as we can while hand drying your vehicle.

Q. Why are the rinse arches gone? 
It doesn’t seem like my car is rinsed like
it should be.
The machine now makes an additional pass on your vehicle
to apply wax and rinse your vehicle to give a more even coat of wax
and RO water with the same amount of pressure as the arches. 
With the rinse arches, some vehicles moved through them too
fast not allowing an even coat and some longer vehicles the wax/RO
did not stay on long enough.



$9.00 Wash


$12.00 Wash


$14.00 Wash


$18.00 Wash